Hardware Specs

Nokia N70 (in my case N70-1 (RM-84))

OMAP 1710
ARM9 32-bit RISC CPU @ 220 MHz
ARM926EJ-S + C55x DSP, Low-voltage 90nm Technology

JTAG viability (from http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/archive/index.php/t-386820.html):

OMAP 1710 has Locosto/Calypso secure ROM, so you need developers certificate in your phone to enable JTAG. Even with that on every reset/IRQ the code execution is returned to the secure ROM, JTAG disabled/enabled again.
Not as simple as any off the shelf CPU’s used in other phones.


7 Responses to “Hardware Specs”

  1. 1 Sandeep

    I would like to know how much RAM the N70 has. I have one too !

  2. 3 Sandeep

    Hey I’m interested in doing this too but for many cellphones not just the N70. Could you please tell me how you did this and how I can get started ? Unfortunately my own N70 isn’t working (some problem with the display IC).

  3. 5 Nick

    Hi guys!
    Just started googling “run linux on s60 series phones” and found your blog. Though it seems to be a bit old, I would like to ask, if you succeeded in installing Linux on a Noka S60 Phone? I got an old E75 and would like to hack it a bit 🙂 How can I flash it’s ROM?
    Best regards

  4. 6 dahok

    hey man, have you made any progress yet? can i run ubootloader on my n70?

  1. 1 Let’s start from the beginning « Linux on Nokia N70

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