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Everything in one place , the guys have attempted something similar and alas bumped, too: Advertisements

All Nokia’s registers are re-mapped from orig OMAP specs.. Nokia did it on purpose as special order to Texas Instruments. So we will have to blind-probe the memory addresses to find out all those right addressings.. As well as by disassembling current ARM apps. But first, we have to make order in the kernel-mode application: […]

linomap, LINux on NOkia OMAP phones – kernel-mode dll BETA-0.02 is OUT in the open! Now you can try to play around in the kernel-mode of your Nokia (not too newer, and not way older than the N70 model). It has been sucessfully compiled with Symbian S60 SDK 2nd Edition Feature Pack 2 and 3. […]

This is an answer to Sandeep’s question. It came out not to be a short one, so I put it separately as a post. Read on 🙂 Is it possible? Well, depends on maaany IFs. Here are the most of them “briefly” 🙂 First of all, you have to be crazy enough to wanting to […]

Thanks to sythenast from from him I have received the patched version of ubootloader (v1.42), which advances a step forward, and bumps into protected memory error. More information in the by-others section.