important info from Russia


All Nokia’s registers are re-mapped from orig OMAP specs.. Nokia did it on purpose as special order to Texas Instruments.

So we will have to blind-probe the memory addresses to find out all those right addressings.. As well as by disassembling current ARM apps.

But first, we have to make order in the kernel-mode application:
Do not use R* functions. To debug, try to output to file via CFile function, not RFile. And remove those STMFD LDMFD asm lines – they should not be there!

I have no time to update source and play with it for now, see you after X-Mas holidays, asking you to keep it updated here via comments 🙂


3 Responses to “important info from Russia”

  1. 1 Sandeep

    What exactly does linomap do ? Does it allow you to execute programs as kernel mode in the Symbian OS ? By the way I found this:

    Scroll a little down and you get the following:

    OMAP1710 Reference Design Platform (H3)

    The OMAP1710 Reference Design Platform (H3) is intended for high-volume wireless handset manufacturers and is not available through distributors.

    Processor: OMAP1710
    ARM Core: ARM926
    Available Downloads

    * 2.6 Sample Build (the following are all links to files)
    o Kernel
    o File System
    o Boot Loader
    o X Loader (NAND Support)
    o Tool Chain
    o How to Build Linux for OMAP1710 Processor

    So looks like you just have to get it to boot. Which seems to be pretty hard from what you’ve written.

  2. 2 Sythenast

    Hi Sledge! I just noticed that the Nokia 770 Internet Table is based on the same OMAP1710 SoC as the 6630 and N70. Is it possible that the SoC in the 770 has the same remapping of the registers as well? Since the 770 is linux-native, that would be a great help.

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