One little step forward


Thanks to sythenast from from him I have received the patched version of ubootloader (v1.42), which advances a step forward, and bumps into protected memory error. More information in the by-others section.

1 lil step forward

1 lil step forward


11 Responses to “One little step forward”

  1. One path we could follow now is trying to find a way to place UBOOT.LDD into the rom.
    I think the most trivial way could be by hacking the tempfile used by Nokia Software Updater during the firmware update.

  2. 2 sledge

    That’s an option, but we would have to deal with tracking down all of the checksums etc.

    I am currently in touch with SERRGE,(he is providing pieces of code) and working on a low-level bootloader, since (I think) I have got the kernel-mode privileged process running, which could load the uboot.bin and jump the execution instruction to it.

    Currently it does not work (I am having doubts about the actual kernel-mode that I am in or not after all..; now asking another fellow in a russian forum to do some tests)

    Stay tuned!

  3. 3 dakblog

    hi! I’m following your works, because I’m working to run linux on my nokia6630; I’ve a question, where is placed the patched version of uboot? Maybe it runs on nokia6630 even if I don’t belive =) However, great work!

  4. 6 dakblog

    a last thing, why we don’t create a irc channel where meet together all “linux on old phone developers”? maybe on

    • 7 sledge

      Good idea. I offer #linomap – Linux on NOkia OMAP phones (just like the future sf project); since we would concentrate on OMAP phones (easier to have the kernel device drivers up), and Nokias as the common challenge to get privileged through the BB5 secutiry into the kernel mode.

      Meet me already there 😉

  5. 8 vokitoki

    any progress?

  6. 9 ajparag

    Any progress??

  7. 10 SaDRaZaM

    any progress?

  8. 11 D-ny

    Hi, I’m Follow you project n download three [3] Program ubootloader v1.4 in this web.
    I’m trying instal to My Nokia Ngage Classic.
    Succes loading For :
    u-boot.bin => ok,
    uImage.bin => ok,
    but error 21 when loading LDD [logical Device Driver].. 😦
    Come On Guy’s, Make This Project Come True And Not Only Dream..
    Maybe we can asking help serge vovan888 again via email,,

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