Let’s start from the beginning


The ultimate goal: have Linux running on Nokia N70 (S60 series)
It is theoretically doable: look at the hardware specs.

The most tempting options however are NOT-doable:

  • Loading uBoot from Symbian, using files from Siemens SX1 linux project http://linux-on-sx1.wiki.sourceforge.net.
    Failed (see here how):

    • ubootloader-1.5 quit with leave code=-2. ubootloader is, unfortunately, a closed source, no documentations

    probably because:

    • This U-Boot is patched for the Siemens SX1
  • Flashing the U-Boot with JTAG directly into N70’s flash memory
    Would probably fail, because:

Possibly doable approaches could be:

  • Spying the USB communication when Nokia’s Firmware Updater is in action
  • Patching the U-Boot for N70 (referencing S60?, OMAP 1710?)
  • Decrypting the flash of BB5 in a way it was done with DCT4
    • will try the bb5.zip, hoping it will also decrypt, not only unlock this BB5 phone
  • Patching the flash memory according to this thread
  • Disassembling ubootloader

Suggestions from you — the community out there — are more than appreciated!


3 Responses to “Let’s start from the beginning”

  1. 1 Ramraj

    Did you make any progress after that. This is really interesting.i also playing with my N70 but seem to have failed a lot many times.Then I came across your post.


    • 2 sledge

      Just read the whole blog up. Is all what we’ve got is there.

  2. 3 Behzad

    Hi. I have a nokia 5230. Can I install a linux (like maemo, ce linux, etc) on my 5230 device?

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